I have been an exhibiting artist since 1959. During that time, my work has been shown across the United States and in a handful of other countries. I am currently represented by galleries in New York and Paris, with exhibition plans that span the next two years.

Typically, such shows contain pieces that are considered large for private collections - ten to twelve feet in length, and built to be viewed on a personal or individual scale: a number of examples are included in the enclosed slides. Many of these pieces have possible permutations which would be very exciting visually if brought up to a public art scale. My work, while essentially abstract in nature, makes continual reference to biologic and other natural science subjects, and is often informed by the ideas of flight and wings. Midway Airport seems the perfect location for such imagery.

Just a few months ago, a commissioned piece of mine has been added to the permanent collection of the new extension to McCormick Place Convention Center - a two piece patinaed copper bas-relief sculpture which measures approximately seventeen feet in length, and is titled les Sirčnes. The direct viewing of this piece offers the best and most direct evidence of my qualifications to execute a work for the Midway Airport Project.