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tel: 212-226-6593
146, rue du Chemin Vert

F75011 Paris


tel: 01-48-05-10-46



(formerly) OK Harris Gallery, 383 West Broadway, NYC, NY 10012. 212-431-3600 fax: 212-925-4797

Galerie Lélia Mordoch, 50 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris. 01-46-33-29-30 fax: 01-53-10-88-49

Lélia Mordoch Gallery, 2300 North Miami Ave., Miami FL 33127. 786-431-1506

Artsyne, 3 rue de Lasteyrie, 75116 Paris. 01-44-17-93-02


SELECTED SOLO AND FEATURED EXHIBITIONS (My exhibition list runs back to 1959.)

17:   Scope NY Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (solo).
        “Remnants” Brooklyn Art Cluster Gallery, curated by Lisa Banner (three-person).

16:   “Poem in Wood” Artsyne Galerie, Parisi (solo)

14:   “Enigmatic Figure” Lélia Mordoch Gallery Miami (solo)
        Artsyne Galerie, Paris (three-person).

13:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).

11:   “Il était une fois… Sylph, Angel & Feral” Artsyne Galerie, Paris (solo).

10:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo)
        “Constructed Reliefs” Lélia Mordoch Gallery Miami (solo)

09:   “Les Sylphes” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (solo).
        Gallery Colonel Combes, American University of Paris, Paris (solo).

08:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).
        Ansonia Window Show, NYC (solo).
        Salena Gallery, Brooklyn Campus, Long Island University (solo).

07:   Benton Nyce Gallery, Greenport (three-person).

06:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).
        Ansonia Window Show, NYC (solo).
        Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY (three-person).
        “Envol de la Victoire de Samothrace surbâton de chaise…“ Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (solo).

99:   “Sculptures murales” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (solo).
        Parsons School of Design Gallery, NYC (solo retrospective).
        “American Update” Gayle Willson Gallery, Southampton, NY (three-person).
        OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).
        Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (three-person).
        Art Miami 99 Expo (four-person, Galerie Lélia Mordoch).
        “Sculptures Installations” Centre d’Art Passerelle, Brest, France (six-person).
        Ansonia Window Show, NYC (solo).

98:   Centre Culturel Colombier, Rennes, France (solo).
        Art International NY, Jacob Javits Convention Ctr. NYC (four-person, Galerie Lélia Mordoch).
        Artwalk NY ‘98 open studio (solo).
        Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State U. (solo).
        Art Miami 98 Expo (five-person, Galerie Lélia Mordoch).

97:   Art Miami 97 Expo (two-person; Galerie Lélia Mordoch).
        Instituto Cultural Peruano Nortamericano, Miraflores (Lima), Peru (solo).
        Ansonia Window Show, NYC. (solo).

96:   Bannister Gallery, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI. (solo).
        Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris. (solo).

95:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC. (solo).

94:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC. (solo).

93:   Lorraine Kessler Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY. (five-person).
        Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris. (solo).
        Instants Chaviré, Montreuil (Paris) (solo).

92:   Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris. (three-person).
        Parsons Paris Gallery, Paris (solo).

91:   Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris (three-person).
        Quad Cinema, NYC. (solo).

88:   Ashawagh Hall, Springs, L.I. (three-person).

86:   50 West Gallery, NYC. (three-person).
        Works II Gallery, Southamption, L.I. (solo).

85:   William and Mary College, Williamsburg, VA. (solo).

84:   Center for Music, Drama and Art, Lake Placid, NY. (solo).

83:   University of Missouri - St. Louis (solo).

81:   OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).

78:   Morris Gallery, Madison, NJ. (solo).
        OK Harris Gallery, NYC (solo).

77:   James Yu Gallery, NYC (solo).



18:  “Going Postal” Salmagundi Club, NYC. .
       “The Art of Meditation” Islip Art Museum, L.I.NY Curator: Seung Lee.

17:  “Night Watch” Delaware Arts Center, Narrowsberg NY Curators: Alexis Siroc & Alan Wood.
       “Et Tu Art Brute?” Andrew Edlin Gallery, NYC.
       “Think Small 9” Art 6 Gallery, Richmond VA.

16:  “Angels in the Sky” (5 person), Lélia Mordoch Gallery, Miami.

15:  “Think Small 8” Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA.

14:  “Et que l´aventure continue” Musée des Beaux Arts, Bernay, FR. Curator : Philippe Delaunay.
       “Of a Feather” UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville, TN. Curator: Sam Yates.
       “Pioneers of Tribeca” One Art Space Gallery, NYC. Curator: Rodrigo Salomon

13:  Scope, expo, (Lélia Mordoch Gallery). Miami.
       “The Garbage Barge” Islip Art Museum, Islip L.I. Curator: Karen Shaw.
       “Résonances” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “Back to the Future” Suffolk County Historical Society Museum, Curator: Mary Lou Cohalan.
       Art Elysée, expo, Paris “Hommage à Garcia Rossi” (Lélia Mordoch Gallery).
       “Think Small 7“ Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA.

12:  Lélia Mordoch Gallery Miami.

11:  “Think Small 6“ Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA.

10:  “All in the Family“ Islip Art Museum, Islip L.I. Curator: Jason Paradis.
       “L’angoisse est-elle soluble dans l’art ? ” 4 Paris galleries. Curator: Galerie Lélia Mordoch .
       Art Basel, expo, Miami (Lélia Mordoch Gallery).
       Art Miami, expo, Miami (Lélia Mordoch Gallery).

09:  Inaugural group show, Lélia Mordoch Gallery, Miami.
       “Je n’ai rien a me mettre” (“I have Nothing to Wear”) Art Elysées, expo, Paris (Galerie Lélia Mordoch).
       “Think Small 5“ Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA.

08:  “Art cinétique et figuration narrative” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “Art in Sixes” Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY. Curator: Rocky Pinciotti Cherry Plain Sculpture Trail, Cherry Plain, NY. Curator: Jane Sapinsky.
       “10 x 10 x 10” Ellenville NY. Curator: Judy Sigunick.
       “Go Fish” Delaware Valley Arts Alliance , LOFT Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY. Curator: Rocky Pinciotti.

07:  “Think Small 4“ Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA.
       “Making the Most of It” Islip Art Museum, Islip, L.I. Curator: Karen Shaw.
       “Atlantis Press” Parsons Paris Gallery, Paris. Curator: Johnathon Shimony.
       “Art in Sixes” Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY. Curator: Rocky Pinciotti.

06:  “A Bicultural Palette” Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris.
       “Géométrie en liberté” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.

05:  “Think Small 3” Art 6 Gallery, Richmond, VA. Curator: Dana Frostick..
       “Art in Sixes” Delaware Valley Arts Alliance Gallery, Narrowsburg, NY. Curator : Rocky Pinciotti.

04:  “Chacun sa Vague” Marie de S. Cyr-sur-mer, France. Curator: Galerie Lélia Mordoch.
       “Invitation to Dream” Monart Museum of Fine Art, Ashdod Israel. Curator: Galerie Lélia Mordoch.
       “Summer Group” OK Harris Gallery, NYC.

03:  “Everything is OK at OK Harris” Museum of Art and Science, Brevard, Melbourne FL.
       “Paysages transportés”Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.

02:  “Le corps et ses métaphors” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris. Curator: Ann Passeron.
       .expo Art Paris 2002 “Paysages transport és” Carrousel du Louvre, Galerie Lélia Mordoch,.
       “Small Works Show” Merz Gallery, Sag Harbor NY.
       “La Mer “ Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.

01:  “Les artistes de la galerie”, Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “Summer group” OK Harris Gallery, NYC.
       “I Love New York” benefit exhibition, OK Harris Gallery, NYC.

00:  Group show, Gayle Willson Gallery, Southampton NY.
       Group show, Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris. .
       expo “Art Miami” ” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Miami FL. .
       expo “Art palm Beach” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Palm Beach FL.

99:  “Summer Group” OK Harris Gallery, NYC.
       “American Update” Gayle Willson Gallery, Southampton NY.
       “Wish You Were Here” Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, NYC.
       “The Passion/Passions of Art” Richard Anderson Gallery, NYC. .
       expo “Art New York” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, NYC.
       expo “Art Miami” ” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Miami FL.

98:  “Au Bonheur des Fumeurs” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “Small Works VI” PSD Faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: John Tomlinson.
       Artwalk NY ‘98 auction, NYC.
       “Sculptures murales” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.

97:  Artwalk NY ‘97 auction, NYC.

96:  “Small Works V” PSD Faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: John Tomlinson.
       “Sculptures murales” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “In the Making” Islip Art Museum, Islip L.I.

95:  “Sculptures murales” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       Sabbatical Exhibition, PSD Faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC.

94:  Gallerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “The Constructed Image” Islip Art Musuem, Islip L.I. Curator: Kathy Valensa.
       “10,000 Plus” gallery of the School of the Art Institute, Chicago.
       “Small Works IV” PSD Faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: John Tomlinson.

93:  “The Return of the Cadavre Exquis” Drawing Center, NYC.
“Abstractions en Liberte” Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.
       “A - Z, 0 - 9” E.S. Vandam Gallery, NYC.
“20 Years Ago Today” Islip Art Museum, East L.I.
       “Young Artists” Anita Shapolsky Gallery, NYC.
       Expo “Art Miami ‘93” Miami Beach FLA. Galerie Lélia Mordoch, Paris.

92:  Linneart, Ghent, Belgium (Galerie Lélia Mordoch).
       “Mystery of Structure and Surface” Regeneration Project, Easton, PA. Curator: Lyle Light.
       “Small Works III” PSD Faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Clint Kuopus.
       Montrouge Salon, Paris. Curator: Nicole Ginoux.
       Expo “Art Miami 92” Miami Beach FLA. (Galerie Lélia Mordoch).

91:  “Artists at Home” Bill Bace Gallery, NYC.

90:  “Small Works II” PSD faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Clint Kuopus.
       P.S. 234 Benefit, Neo-Persona Gallery, NYC.
       “Hommage to Commarque” Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Francine Goldenhar.

89:  “Introspection” Cork Gallery at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Ctr, NYC. Curator: Michael Kirk.
       Tribeca Benefit, Neo Persona Gallery, NYC.
       KIVA Center for the Arts, NYC. Curator: Michael Kirk
       “Dross Into Art” Islip Museum, East Islip, L.I. Curator: Karen Shaw.
       “Smaller is Bigger” PSD faculty, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Clint Kuopus.
       “88” Anita Shapolsky Gallery, NYC.

88:  Montrouge Salon, Paris. Curator: Nicole Ginoux-Bessec.
       “7 Artistes d’Amerique du Nord” Hotel Planon, Sarlat, France.
       Anita Shapolsky Gallery, NYC.

87:  “Manière, Manières” Centre Coreen Culturale, Paris. Curator: Sun Tai Yu.
       “Constructs” Anita Shapolsky Gallery, NYC. Curator: Leslie Wayne.
       Parsons Ecole faculty exhibition, Parsons Gallery, Paris. Curator: Keith Long.
       Easton Arts Conservatory, Easton, PA. Curator: Lyle Light.
       BACA Small Works Annual, Brooklyn.

86:  BACA Small Works Annual, Brooklyn.

85:  AIR Small Works, AIR Gallery, NYC.
       “Wood” Federal Court Bldg, Foley Square, NYC. Curator: Jane Schneider.

84:  AIR Small Works, AIR Gallery, NYC.

83:  “The Wreath Interpretations” NY Parks Dept, Arsenal Bldg, NYC. Curator: M. Tsirantonakis.
       “Fragment, Fragmented, Fragmentation” New Britain Mus, New Britain CT. Curator: D. Dubois.
       “Foundation Faculty” Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Keith Long.

82:  “Dangerous Works” Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Karin Batten.

80:  “Five Decades” Elvehjem Museum of Art, Madison, WIS.

79:  “Foundation Faculty” Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Keith Long.

78:  Hubris Gallery, NYC.
       Morris Gallery, Madison, NJ.

78, 77, 76: PSD faculty exhibitions, Parsons Gallery, NYC. Curator: Martica Sawin.

77, 76, 75: James Yu Gallery, NYC.



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Flint Institute of Art, Flint, MI;Monart Museum of Fine Art, Ashdod, Israel; Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (McCormick Place Convention Center), Chicago, IL; Ball State College, Muncie IND; ICPNA, Lima, PERU; Islip Art Museum, Islip, NY; Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Wards Island NY; Walker Fine Arts Center, Minneapolis MN; University of Wisconsin, Madison WIS.



00:   “Kunstpunkt 2” limited edition of 20 artists’ editions , Kunstpunkt Gallery, Berlin

90:   “Curvilinear Perspective” CAA Art Journal, Vol. 49 No. 3, pp. 330-31: book review.
        Carolyn Bloomer. The Principles of Visual Perception 2nd Edition. Design Press: illustrations.
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76:   Biology: The Source of Life, a basic high-school text. Latham press: illustrations,
        chapter heads, cover.



75-99:  Parsons School of Design (New School for Social Research), NYC
       97:        New School University Distinguished Teacher Award.
       92-99:   full-time faculty, Parsons NY, Foundation and Illustration departments.
       91-92:   Acting Director, Parsons Paris.
       76-91:   Assistant Chair, Foundation Year Program.
       87-88:   exchange professor, Parsons Paris.
       82-91, summers: faculty, Parsons Summer Program in France.

74-75:  Fairleigh-Dickenson University, Madison, NJ. Instructor.

68-73:  Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.
       68-70, 71-73: Assistant Professor.
       70-71: Acting Director, Woods-Gerry Gallery, RISD

65-68:  East Texas State University, Commerce, TX. Assistant Professor.

63-64:  University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL. Instructor.

62-63:  University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. Part-time Instructor.



MFA:  University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, 63.

MS:   University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, 63.

BFA:  Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, 61.